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Just a few of the games included...............


Parachute Play

Why incorporate parachute play into your program? Because parachute games encourage cooperative, non-competitive play and reinforce turn-taking and sharing. When children work together to make the parachute billow, they also refine perceptual motor skills and develop a sense of rhythm.Several games and language activities can also be incorporated into most parachute games. Comes with instruction book.

Walla Balla

Score points by shakin’ your groove thing
She shoots...she scores! Walla Balla is basketball on the fly (or the front of your pants for those without zippers). Move hips to sink the ball into one of the three baskets. ONE SIZE FITS ALL!! The adjustable strap can accommodate up to a 52 inch waist. The object of the game is to move your hips and body (no hands allowed) and swing the ball, thats hanging from the end of the string, into one of the 3 baskets! Music adds even more fun when your swinging to the beat of your favorite song! Each of the baskets are numbered for different point values, so if you want to keep score that is one of the many different games you can play with the Walla Balla's!! We also discovered they are great exercise, too!! So remember to strap one on for the most WILD and CRAZY game that has come around in a long time!


Potato Sack Races


Potato sack races are an all time favorite at any event!


Thumb Wrestling

The Original Thumb Wrestling Sensation
Pro Thumb Wrestling is a full-size, officially sanctioned professional thumb wrestling ring. All contenders must insert their thumbs through the opposite corner holes and come out wrestling. Wrestling rings come in bright colors with color coordinated and flexible ropes.


Tug -o- War Ropes

Yet another all time favorite!



Flying Torpedos

Pull back, take aim, let them fly!
Finger rockets are soft foam flying darts. Just insert your finger in loop, pull back, take aim and fire. The soft materials won't hurt much and are the aviation materials of choice.


Hula Hoops Relay Races

Hula hoops are and old fashion favorite that can be used several ways and in conjuction with relay races and team building games

Bag of Fun


The original games from the good old days. The package features, thumb wrestling, flying torpedos, potato sack races, Tug O' War, walla balla, frisbees, Parachute Play, Hula-Hoop Relay Races. There are also several children's games and bubbles included. Always great fun.

Price includes 4 hours rental, delivery, set up/take down & staff to operate ride. Minimum orders or travel charges may apply. For booking and specific pricing information contact us: online