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Equalizer Bungee, inflatable touch down equalizer, and helmet equalizer.



The equalizer.

The touch down equalizer!

Click on the play button an the image below to watch the video!



Equalizer basketball theme.

Equalizer football theme.





by bryan payseno




Equalizer: Professional football players have never had this type of challenge to contend with. On the equalizer players try to continually score points against the power of your competitor and the resistance of a bungee cord. A "dual purpose" game, this unit changes into a football game or a slam dunk basketball challenge in minutes with pop up basketball hoops. One of our most exciting items, the equalizer is a tug of war game that puts two players in competition with one another to see who can score the most points in the least amount of time using Velcro footballs or basketballs. Participants test their strength as they are strapped into specially designed harnesses which are attached to one another using a high tension bungee chord. 13' W x 35' L x 10' H

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