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Prime Time offers the foam party, foam parties, foam machines, foam cannons, foam dance party, for college events, night clubs and bars, and foam dance machines for foam parties.
You have just found the "SECRET WEAPON" for creating a super successful foam party!




We will show you how purchasing our 2 in 1 SUPER BLASTER is the easiest way to make a ton of foam and experience a problem free, memorable, fun and super successful foam party!

Our machine can be used as a standard foam machine that drops like a waterfall or a foam cannon that throws a stream of foam up to 20 feet through the air



Guaranteed to be the only 2 in 1 foam machine in the world! Works as a standard machine or a foam cannon.

Guaranteed lowest price on the internet!

Guaranteed satisfaction!

Guaranteed to produce plenty of FOAM!

Guaranteed to be the easiest machine to operate!

Guaranteed to be the most cost effective, portable, high output hanging foam dance party machine available on the market today!

30 day 100% money back Guarantee! - When using a special high density foam solution, if your new SUPER FOAM BLASTER doesn't produce enough foam to properly fill at least a 20 x 20 area for your foam dance party......Return machine undamaged, in original package and we will fully refund 100% of your hard earned money!

Plus as an added bonus - you get free shipping! Where else on earth can you find free shipping on foam machines! Only from Prime Time, an industry leader with one of a kind exclusive products!


Absolutely Essential Benefits of your new Super Blaster

Discover the most cost effective, high output foam making system available!

Lightweight weights only 35lbs!

Easily Transportable foam machine!

Extremely easy and convenient to use!

Produces a huge amount of foam!

Doesn't cost $3,000 - $5,000!


SUPER BLASTER Specifications:

Type of Fluid: High density or high dillution foam fluid concentrate

Unit Weight: 35 lbs.

Includes:.... Machine, sump pump, instructions, 25' hose

Foam Output: 228 cubic feet per minute. Fills our 22 x 22 x 4 high pit in about 5minitues!!!

Fluid Use: 55 gals. lasts for aprox. 15 minutes. 1 gallon concentrated fluid with water. Then mix well before use.( 55 gallon plastic water drum used to hold water not provided )

Fluid Ratio: 55 to 1 Mixture. 55 gallons water, 1 gallon fluid ( Extra easy instructions included!)for a thinner solution, mix 1/2 gallon of concentrate instead of 1 gallon of concentrate.

Ultra Strong Handle for hanging the machine.

Power Cord: 25' cord (attached to Foamer)

Foamer Electrical Supply: standard 110v - 11 amps

Sump pump: Sump pump pumps to 18' high ( we use at aprox. 7' - 8' high )


Our 2 in 1 SUPER BLASTER Drops foam like a waterfall

Or throws foam up to 20 feet through the air!


Dance Pits


Inflatable Foam Dance Pit



Purchase the whole foam party package right here!

Foam Dance Pit - Looking for something new? This is the next huge trend to hit the rental industry! price $3,650 includes - 20' x 20' x 4' Inflatable pit, blower, SUPER BLASTER foam machine, foam cannon extension, sump pump, and 25' hose.(18 ounce fire retardant materials.) FREE shipping in the usa......


Already have a foam machine and looking for just a pit?

price $2,450 includes inflatable and blower.

Standard colors blue & white

Foam Solution:


We do not sell foam solution.


Most companies use a high density concentrated, party foam fluid in 5 gallon buckets. Average usage .......3 - 5 gallons for a 4 hour event in a 22' x 22' area


We use approx 75 bottles of shampoo from the 99 cent stores for a 4 hour event......

How simple and inexpensive is that?



We accept all major credit cards for your convenience!




by bryan payseno


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Why spend $3,000 - $5,000 on a foam cannon?

Buy the most reasonable, cost effective, high output 2 in 1 foam making system available
























free ground 4-6 day shipping in usa on foam machines!


free shipping 3-6 days fedex ground service!

2 in 1 SUPER BLASTER foam machine, sump pump, 25' hose



















































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