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We are proud to introduce our newest creation, POWER KICKER! In this mini football stadium, you''ll get 3 balls to attempt 3 points..........the player with the most goals WINS!.....( goal posts have netting behind them to act as a basket to catch the balls)......This is the ultimate football game that is played like the double shot basketball games only our mini football player kicks an actual field goal! That's right, just hit the top of his head with your fist or the palm of your hand, and the kickers foot will kick the football and send it whizzing through the air! This is a very exciting & addictive game! 6' W x 15' L x 6' H

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Actual photos of a real football crowd!






by bryan payseno


Game : Power Kicker



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Price includes 4 hours rental, delivery, set up/take down & staff to operate ride. Minimum orders or travel charges may apply. For booking and specific pricing information contact us: online