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ATTN: Inflatable Games Operators -

If You Have Truly Mastered The Basics Of the Inflatable Games Industry.....And Now are Ready to Really Advance. Then Today You Will Discover A Tool To Take You To An Entirely NEW Level At Which This Game Can Be Played! - And Believe it or Not ....With the Inflatable Games Trailer, You Can Achieve it with less employees!


" Discover " the most important piece of equipment you should invest in! This one tool will save you 50% on labor costs alone!



Cut Labor Costs By 50%!

Can you load a 700 lb playzone and a 900 lb slide

by yourself in under 2 minutes?

We Can!..........


The Inflatable Games Trailer is for inflatable bounce houses, inflatable giant slides, obstacle courses, bungee runs, jousting, tents, tables, chairs and all types of party rental companies. This is not a trailer it's an "inflatable transportation machine". The first of it's kind for the inflatable industry. With one forklift and one employee, this machine can be loaded with ease and in a very short time. It features two hydraulic operated inflatable lifters on the sides with a lifting capacity of 2000 lbs each!

Simply load it, strap it and lift it.............thats it!

Attractions like the giant slide averaging 800 lbs and a jurassic adventure or some crazy, huge, mega inflatable. The cargo cage holds tons of inventory from inflatables and blowers to carnival games, sumos, generators, speakers and sound equipment to tents and concession machines. Operators have the option of a rear hydraulic operated scooper bucket lifter or simply laying the ramps down the scooper bucket and wheel up your games, accessories and generators. And with a forklift and one employee, he can load all inflatables, blowers and up to 5 generators......... yes all the equipment ..........and even the dreaded 800 lb. giant slide!



The 5 gallon water bottle works great for drinking water, an ice chest for cold drinks and with the addition of a hand soap dispenser your crew can wash their hands when finished rolling up!!!

The picture below shows an example of what you can carry in the trailer.

Great for large or small inflatable games operators. Operators, can keep it all on one trailer and never unload it.

Simply hook up and hit the road.

The deluxe model has all the bells and whistles while the standard model is still this years must have item!

The cargo bay and cargo cage can hold it all. And best of all, no tiying down the load. Just pull the heavy duty 2" cargo strap tightners and thats it!



Take the stress off of your back, and let the inflatable games trailer do the lifting! We know you'll save hours of backbreaking labor late in the night moving heavy inflatables around only to do it all over again tomorrow starting at 5:30 am!!!!.......there is no way around it..........its a hard job..........but, we just made it easier! Enjoy the benefits of owning an inflatable games trailer to transport your

line up of interactive games and rides.


You can use the rear scooper bucket to hold blowers and water games and for loading the cargo bay you also have the option of using the included ramps to attach to the bucket and wheel up generators and games with a dolly.


Below is the 700lb playzone.

1. Load it........

2. Strap it.....

3. Lift it.........


Email our office for a brochure and more info.



Inflatable Games Trailer

Inflatable Games Trailer -

Current price $14,500 ( price includes trailer - games not included!)

This is not just a trailer its a tractor trailer. Each lifter lifts 2000 lbs and is great for the heavy games like giant slides, jurassic adventure and all the heavy inflatable games you have. Made in the USA!

Cut Labor Costs On The Job And In Your Warehouse By 50%!







by bryan payseno


Inflatable Games Trailer - October 2007 - all rights reserved - copyrighted 2007 - do not duplicate or reproduce in anyway.




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