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Rent the Inflatable Shark Slide for your special event!

Transform your average event into a mega event with the inflatables for rent! The giant inflatable shark slide is available in northern california and the bay area! Party rental games for real company parties, church festivals and school carnivals.



Did I tell you about the one that got away? Ole got more than he bargained for while fishing on Lake Mille Lacs last week. It seems that a rogue 50’ Great White inflatable shark had worked its way up from the gulf through the river system and had Ole’s boat for breakfast. Ole managed to get this photo of the Big Monster as it breached out of the water devouring Ole’s new fishing boat and motor. As to what happened to Ole, we just don’t know.

Call to rent the inflatable shark slide today!





by bryan payseno




Inflatable Shark Slide



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Price includes 4 hours rental, delivery, set up/take down & staff to operate ride. Minimum orders or travel charges may apply. For booking and specific pricing information contact us: online