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Get ready to roll! Two competitors step into their own "American Gladiator" type sphere. The clear vinyl, heat sealed, airtight spheres are ultra durable. Players use their hands and feet to rotate and move the spheres from the inside as they race against their opponent. This is a great team building activity and very visual. Comes complete with 2 clear vinyl spheres and inflation blower.

Attention sports teams! These balls are 9-foot inflated versions of the popular hamster exercise balls. Your fans get inside and participate in a race or obstacle course. A huge crowd pleaser and a great spectator sport.

These huge clear inflatable spheres inflate in 4 minutes and stay inflated for hours.

by bryan payseno


Game: Zorbs
includes 2 zorbs


9 Diameter this is our version of "American Gladiators." Step inside a clear inflatable ball and race around pylons, sphere wrestle, timed challenges or just have fun! 40 people per hour can play.

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Price includes 4 hours rental, delivery, set up/take down & staff to operate games. Minimum orders or travel charges may apply. For booking and specific pricing information contact us: online